“They are a wonderful company, the owner and employees are friendly and have EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!”

November 2, 2015

Sharla Jeter

5 Star Review

“After 21 years of employment with WaterPro, I can truly say that I am proud to be a part of what the company has become, where it is going, and what we stand for. Honesty, integrity and WaterPro’s requirements for maintaining both make my job enjoyable.”

Michael Baggett

Certified Water Treatment Specialist, WaterPro Inc.

“Professional service from a great group of people. They took care of my water needs both at home and at my business. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Tanner Ogden

5 Star Review

“Our motto is to meet customer needs with honesty and impeccable service. Thanks to our commitment to our customers and help from God we have been able to remain in business for over thirty (30) years.”

Ronny Armstrong

Owner and Operator, WaterPro Inc.

“When I need help with my reverse osmosis system, I trust the pros at WaterPro. Excellent service and great staff!”

Sean Green

5 Star Review

“Being able to work closely with family towards a common goal of providing a great product and excellent service to our community is a true blessing.”

Chip & Codi Armstrong

Administration & Sales, WaterPro, Inc.

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