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Established 1985—Locally Owned & Family Operated—-Over 30 Years of Experience Treating West Texas Water— Commercial, Residential, Agricultural and Industrial Treatment Systems

At WaterPro Inc., we pride ourselves on customer service and making sure that everyone’s water needs are fully satisfied.  It is our mission to provide high quality water to your family and friends and keep them safe from the many contaminants that are found in West Texas water.  Through years of experience serving the region we have collected knowledge that is invaluable for treating, softening, conditioning, and purifying our water.  As we continue to work with the best engineers and manufacturers in the business, our team continues to develop the best systems for West Texas water.    

We are proud to be a local company without franchise ties.  Because of this, we are able to use several brands of water treatment equipment and offer our customers the best possible  solutions for their needs while saving them money.  This freedom also allows us to maintain loyalty to West Texas people, businesses and industry rather than to one specific manufacturer.  It creates a win-win atmosphere for our customers that we are proud to provide.      


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ADDRESS WaterPro, Inc 8210 Ave D, Lubbock, TX 79404 Ronny Armstrong, Owner Lubbock, TX

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